Building Innovative Customer Experiences for Today’s Business Climate

Live Virtual Engagement: September 14-16, 2020


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Without warning, seismic shifts in customer behavior and consumption are forcing organizations to rapidly evolve in ways they’ve never seen – and discover innovative ways to personalize experiences to remain competitive. In this new business climate, how are organizations building groundbreaking solutions to meet customer needs when and where the customer wants? How has this raised already high expectations to not only conduct business with personalization, but with security that mitigates both customer and reputational risk? What technology-driven advancements-turned-imperatives -- like telemedicine, curbside service, e-learning and more – are here to stay, and how can innovations like these transfer to other industries? And how has all of this created new opportunities to accelerate IT innovation throughout the business?

The CDW Tech Talk on Building Innovative Customer Experiences for Today’s Business Climate -- addressed these topics and more. We had a terrific turnout and it was great to see the wealth of learning take place.


If you were able to make it to the event, thank you!

Topics include:

  • Optimizing the Customer Experience for Today’s Economic Reality
  • Building Groundbreaking Customer Experiences in the Era of Telehealth, Curbside Service and e-Learning
  • Maximizing Security and Minimizing Reputational Risk with Customer-Facing Technologies
  • Driving a Culture of Customer Innovation that Leaps Ahead to Modern Trends
  • Fortifying IT Infrastructure for Evolving Consumption Models