• Andy Lippman Associate Director, MIT Media Lab Senior Research Scientist Co-Director, Digital Life
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As technology increasingly permeates the workplace and life, so does an organization’s expectations that its employees – continuously enabled by more capable workplace technologies – will quickly and efficiently meet productivity requirements and customer needs.  But a multitude of device, software, network, and collaboration options – combined with ongoing technological advances – are complicating enterprise decision-making.  What’s more, these challenges compound when tailored solutions are needed, and different requirements exist within an organization.

The recent CDW SummIT on Enabling the Workforce addressed these topics and more. We had a terrific turnout and it was great to see a wealth of learning and networking taking place.

If you were able to make it to the event, thank you! If not, we hope to see you at one of our other SummITs or dinner programs. We want to continue to make resources available to you from this SummIT:

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