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IT Leadership SummIT

October 8-9, 2020 | Chicago, IL

You want answers. We get IT.

In their expanding business leadership role, many CIOs are embracing new expectations to drive innovation, develop and refine business strategy, identify opportunities for competitive differentiation, develop new go-to-market strategies and technologies, and study market trends and customer needs. To accomplish this, they’re taking on new responsibilities across data analytics, operations, business development, customer service, product development, and more.

But finding the right balance between driving innovation and pursuing operational excellence continues to be elusive for today’s CIOs and IT organizations. To lead effectively in this era, CIOs are increasing their focus on developing a high-performance IT organization – and particularly by building a culture of leadership, innovation and inclusion.

How are CIOs developing themselves and others as contemporary IT leaders to meet new business expectations? What strategies are they finding successful in moving not only their own roles, but their IT organization, from functional and transformative to innovator across both business initiatives and operations? And how are they creating a diverse and inclusive culture that not only explores and promotes fresh ideas, but helps the organization recruit and retain top talent?

Join us for the CDW Leadership SummIT on presented in partnership with CIO, CSO, Computerworld and Network World – where we’ll bring together experts who are savvy to these questions, challenges and more. You’ll gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of how IT innovation is critical to business success, and how organizations are creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment to meet today’s business objectives.

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