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Protect SummIT

August 13-14, 2020 | Seattle, WA

You want answers. We get IT.

As businesses widen and accelerate their digital platforms, they face expanding challenges demanding tighter integration between IT and cybersecurity. Gaps not only remain, but evolve as bad actors innovate as quickly – if not faster – than businesses themselves. All of this explains why businesses’ top cyber risk priorities involve protecting confidential and sensitive data, increasing cybersecurity awareness programs to close ongoing breach and infiltration gaps, and upgrading IT and data security to boost corporate resilience.

With data assets becoming increasingly more vulnerable to threats across malware, intellectual property theft, supply chain infiltration, natural disasters and more – what strategies can organizations implement to protect critical data? While cybersecurity awareness training can address threat gaps and errors made across the employee population, how can organizations further close those gaps by boosting technology utilization? And as CEOs and boards increasingly understand how cybersecurity investments bolster the organization’s ability to take a hit while continuing to operate – thus boosting organizational value – what best practices can they implement to support resilience across assessment, compliance and service continuity?

Join us for the CDW Protect SummIT on "Cyber Risk Strategies to Improve Organizational Resilience and Value" – presented in partnership with CIO, CSO, Computerworld and Network World – where we’ll bring together experts who are savvy to these questions, challenges, solutions and more. You’ll gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of where today’s cyber risk strategies and technologies are headed, and why they’re critical to success in today’s increasingly digital business environment.

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