Future of Work SummIT

Fueled by rapidly advancing digital platforms, today’s workforce and work spaces continue to evolve and adapt to maximize innovation, productivity, teamwork and speed. And while legacy barriers to communication and virtual teamwork can disappear when organizations embrace the future of work, significant obstacles remain. Critical communications, collaboration and teamwork technologies are often difficult to integrate and are highly interdependent for reliability and success. Moreover, a well-planned and implemented shift to modern tools and work spaces might operate with efficiency when elements are well-woven, but all will be irrelevant if not accompanied by well-guided cultural adaptation and ongoing management sponsorship and nurturing.

The recent CDW Future of Work SummIT addressed these topics and more. We had a terrific turnout and it was great to see the wealth of learning and networking taking place.

If you were able to make it to the event, thank you!

In case there was anything you missed:

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  • To download session presentations from this event, please see the Future of Work SummIT resources.
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Thank you to our speakers

  • Tom DeCoster

    VP, Integrated Services Sales, CDW

  • Ryan Estis

    Business Performance Expert & Agent of Change

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