The Future of Work SummIT is going virtual!

Future of Work Virtual SummIT

April 20-24, 2020

You want answers. We get IT.

Any organization with a digital workforce strategy has awakened to a stark new reality -- the future of work is here. Workforces around the globe – including legions of contingent workers, partners and vendors – must now work remotely with little warning. Technology and business planning shifted overnight -- from future of work strategies to managing and enabling change across the digital workspace.

In this new climate of uncertainty, what best practices are CIOs and organizations learning that enable them to rapidly shift remote workflows and behaviors? How are they staying ahead of gaps in remote workforce tools, hardware and training? Where are they finding best practices in stabilizing and bolstering infrastructure and bandwidth to support remote work demands? And what “eyes wide open” approaches are they deploying to secure a suddenly vast threat landscape?

To balance cultural adoption and change, how are they communicating effectively with the CEO, stakeholders and the workforce to proactively manage change -- particularly around workforce needs, capabilities and workflows? What strategies are they using to create and maintain a positive, collaborative and productive culture in the face of large-scale work from home policies? And with this “new normal” modifying current and future operating models, how are they shifting resources to anticipate evolving business needs?

Join us for the CDW Future of Work Virtual SummIT on Managing and Enabling Change Across the Digital Workspace – presented in partnership with CIO, CSO, Computerworld and Network World – where we’ll provide real-time access to experts savvy to these questions, challenges and more. You’ll gain an up-to-the-minute understanding of where today’s workspace strategies and technologies are headed, and why they’re critical to success in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

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